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Show Notes: June 24, 2016



focalpointcoachingRobert Bowen, FocalPoint Coaching, has over 30 years experience as a business leader and coach. He has worked with all levels of management in multiple sized organizations to include McDonald’s Corporation and Ericsson. He is also a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel.

In his current role as owner of a FocalPoint Business Coaching franchise, he works as a Certified Business Coach with business owners who have decided to work ON their business vs. IN their business. In addition to offering a full slate of business training products, this is accomplished by implementing a guaranteed & structured process with specific strategies that provide peace of mind in running their business vs. it running them.

What Robert offers is not right for everyone, but for those few that truly want something better out of life and business and have decided to stop coming up with excuses for not having it.

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