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Let’s find you a fabulous presenter! There are two ways that you can locate the best speaker for your event:

You can search our database below using a variety of search terms, including topics you are interested in.

You may also want to submit the Request a Speaker form to us and let us recommend speakers to you. We will use your criteria and report back to you via email once we have located matches for you. Or, you can email us at with your requirements.

Below is our search form.

A “Star Speaker” is an experienced presenter who offers dependable, reliable professional information to an audience in an entertaining, informative way. A “Star Speaker” designation indicates this person takes speaking seriously, delivers as expected and is dependable. This individual pays a small fee to stand out in the directory and is actively looking for opportunities to speak.

“Thought Leaders” are individuals who are recognized as unique speakers who offer original ideas and creative ways of presenting material. Community “celebrities,” Thought Leaders pull in attendees to an event and leave them impressed, thinking in new ways or with an enlightened understanding of the Thought Leader’s subject. A Thought Leader can be funny, passionate or hold an exalted position. They usually have more experience as speakers. Thought Leaders are in bigger demand and may have bigger reputations. This person is constantly working on improving their speaking talent and pays a fee for additional support to meet their goals.

Although we encourage you to give new speakers a try, it is smart to do your homework.

It is strongly recommended that you ask the speaker of your choice the following:

– Have you spoken before?
– How long have you been a public speaker?
– Can you provide us with references?
– Do you have a recording or video of a past presentation?
– Do you have a product you wish to sell at the event?
– Have you ever spoken for a fee?
– Can you provide us with an outline of your presentation?

We have not reviewed or heard each of these speakers, and we are not responsible for the content or quality of presenters & /or presentations.

Most of our speakers do not charge, however you may offer a fee or honorarium if you wish. Some of the speakers listed are professional speakers and may or may not ask for a fee.

Many of the speakers listed here have a great deal of experience. However, since we do not require it, there are individuals with little or no speaking experience. To help you make your decision, we have two top tier levels of speakers.

Found a great speaker. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Your feedback is appreciated.


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