In the Speakers Guild USA September MeetUp, guest presenter, Alice Brzovic, Write For Business, shared some tips to help your blog be more search engine friendly and support you as thought leaders. By blogging, just 300 words a post, regularly helps the search engine find your content to deliver to people searching on Google. Blogging also helps you build a community by giving them valuable information to help them improve their business, or their life.

So how does blogging help you as a thought leader? Blogging gives you an open, free platform to share your thoughts and build a community around your message. Not only can you blog on your own site, but you can guest blog on other sites, or open your site to guest blogging. At Speakers Guild USA, our speakers are offered the opportunity to blog on this site.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging allows you to reach new audiences and establish your expertise further. Add to that, it allows you to forge new personal relationships with fellow bloggers and that is always a good thing. Guest blogging on a high traffic blog is likely to give you the most exposure, but there is often competition to get posted. In addition, there are plenty of highly targeted smaller traffic blogs that can provide good exposure.

Learn about the blog’s audience and write specifically for them. While you may write about the same topics, no two blogs are exactly the same. Learn what makes the blog you’re writing for unique and keep in mind what their audience wants to hear.

You’ll get the best results for with your guest post if you make a free offer to their readers. Linking to your home page may bring in plenty of traffic, but what happens when they click away, never to return? You want them to opt-in to your list, so that you can bring them back to your blog later, make product recommendations and keep in touch with them for months and years to come.

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