Speaking With Influence
Show Date: July 21, 2017



You want more paid speaking gigs, but do you have the speaking assets necessary to convince a planner that you’re the perfect speaker for their event? If they’ve never seen you speak, how will they be able to choose you among all the other speakers reaching out to them?

If you’ve ever written a book, you know you had to sell your idea to a publisher. If they love what they hear, and see, they advance you money to seal the deal and you get started writing that book. It’s the same with speaking. They need to see you speak, in front of an enthusiastic audience, in order to make their decision.

Why not help them by creating a sizzling reel? But how do you do that? Listen in as I interview of CML International and Christina Fleming what you need to do, as a speaker, to create a sizzle reel.

In this episode Catherine Mowbray-Lorenz of CML International, Christina Fleming of Murasaki Media, and I will be sharing what type of collateral material a professional speaker needs to market themselves to meeting and event planners. One of the items a speaker needs, besides a speaker one sheet, is a sizzle video reel.

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