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Show Notes: April 18, 2017



Did you know that Amazon sells 25% of all printed book sales? And when it comes to E-books, that figure is even higher at 75%.

Find out more about our Amazon Positioning workshop in Saturday, April 22nd at Hera Hub, Sorrento Mesa, from 10am to 1pm.

Amazon’s entire focus is to sell products. They have a powerful built-in marketing machine that can push products (like your book) in front of Amazon customers who are interested in those products (or books). As a self-published author, wouldn’t it be great to tap into Amazon’s marketing machine and get Amazon to take on some of the work of selling your book? Imagine how many more books you could sell if Amazon chose your book to showcase to customers who are searching for a book on your topic.


Using the knowledge Bethany’s gained from years in this industry, all of this is possible. There are techniques that she has used to enable several of her authors to not only become a #1 Amazon bestseller, but more importantly, to remain ranked in the top 100 in their category over months or even years, and sell books every day! To find out more about Bethany, visit Publishing Partner.

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