Star Speaker are experienced presenters who offers dependable, reliable professional information to an audience in an entertaining, informative way. A Star Speaker designation indicates you take speaking seriously, deliver as expected and are dependable.

Thought Leaders are individuals who are recognized as unique presenters who offer original ideas and creative ways of presenting material. Community “celebrities,” Thought Leaders pull in attendees to an event and leave them impressed, thinking in new ways or with an enlightened understanding of the Thought Leader’s subject. A Thought Leader can be funny, passionate or hold an exalted position. Thought Leaders are in bigger demand and have big reputations. If you want people to come to you ready to pre-sold on what you are selling, recognition as a Thought Leader is the way to go.

Elite Leaders are speakers who have a great deal of speaking experience. They usually are published authors, keynote speakers, and breakout session presenters. They have many years of experience in speaking and a history of speaking to large and diverse audiences and events. They have their own, large following, especially on social media. They deliver top notch presentations to any event they are contracted to speak at. An Elite Leader won’t disappoint you.

Star Speaker

  • Star Speaker Benefits
  • A Directory Listing
  • Your Personal Photo
  • A Star by Your Name
  • Your Contact Information
  • Direct Messaging to You
  • A Link to Your Website
  • Your Topics
  • Your Past Speaking Engagements
  • Social Media Links In Your Profile
  • Messenger Links In Your Profile
  • Two Videos on Profile
  • Your Content Shared On Social Media
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Thought Leader

  • All the Benefits of a Star Speaker Plus
  • Speaking Leads/Opportunities to Conferences
  • Images of Your Publications
  • Reviews Under Your Profile
  • Four Videos on Your Profile
  • Messenger Links In Your Profile
  • Phone Support
  • Speaking Leads
  • Referrals to Event Planners
  • Topics and Titles Review Support by Email
  • Home Page Feature on You and Your Topic
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