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Donna Evans is the founder of Team Building for Success, a training and consulting company focused on creating a competitive advantage for it’s clients through engaged employees and high performing teams. As a consultant, trainer and speaker, Donna works with leaders and managers in organizations to improve their bottom-line performance by harnessing the power of all of their employees.

Donna’s interest in employee engagement and building great teams started with her first job in high school, packing processed meats at Bunny Brands Meat Packing in Townville, Pennsylvania. Following that adventure, Donna has worked at a number of organizations and companies and had the opportunities to be part of, study and lead a wide variety of work teams. Most notably was her employment at Hewlett-Packard where she start in Finance and moved into human resources where she was the HR manager for global and regional business teams.

While at HP, Donna became grounded in the HP Way as well as HP’s ongoing business management processes. She worked with business leaders and managers to quickly form high performing teams to deliver tremendous business results and manage change.

Donna holds a B.S. in Pre-Medicine from Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. in Management from Purdue University. Donna lives in Poway, California with her husband, and two dogs. You can visit her blogs on leadership topics and best management practices at Team Building for Success.


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