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I am a writer and a financial coach. It is my personal mission to help others see that our endless to-do lists hide the best gifts we have to offer and trap us in a life where we no longer have the time or patience to make decisions based on intuition.

My life changed one random day on a beach in Australia when I made a commitment to help save the 150,000 horses that get shipped across the border for slaughter every year. But in order to achieve this, I needed a giant plan – one that would involve giving up the corporate structure I was accustomed to and taking on a new life. Now my wife and I wake up to the sunrise across the mountains and we grow our own food. We also train racehorses to do something else besides run. In today’s world, an educated horse is a saved horse and that means a lot to us.


How to Smoothly Shift Into a New Career
Master a Three Year Plan


B.S. Microbiology, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo CA


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