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Over the past 20+ years, I have held positions of increasing responsibility in the areas of communication, employee development and organizational change management in the biotech, software implementation, engineering and manufacturing industries. I have worked closely with global, regional and local corporate leaders; sales, marketing, clinical, legal and regulatory; subject matter experts, functional leaders and front-line employees.

I have been responsible for supporting existing organizational communication and development plans, as well as creating and implementing original communication, engagement and training plans.

I am equally comfortable working as a member of a collaborative group, a team leader, a trainer, a business consultant, and an executive coach.


  • Building Change Leaders within an Organization
  • Integrating best practice change methodologies into existing PM Methodologies
  • Preparing employees for change
  • Developing a change engagement roadmap
  • “Task Completion” vs “Outcome Oriented” project management
  • Understanding the “Issue / Fear / Opportunity” matrix
  • Ensuring maximum ROI on change projects


Past Engagements

  • 2013: ACMP World Conference
  • 2015: PLM Americas Conference
  • 2015: PLM Americas Conference
  • 2016: Product Innovation Conference
  • PI web serie on Implementing Change


Chief of Product Lifecycle Management

Linda has been involved in my PLM Programme for 2 years now and throughout this time has provided exceptional input. She has been a key person in forging a strong Business Change element within the implementation part of the programme, she has provided great support to leadership team events in guiding the development of both the individuals and the team and she has been both an inspiration and coach to me personally through a very challenging period both personally and professionally. Linda has the rare ability to blend strong academic appreciation and understanding with a completely grounded practical approach to turning the theory into operational activities. I encourage others to engage and listen when Linda talks.


Global Programme Director for Rolls-Royce

Working with Linda both within Siemens and directly at Rolls-Royce, I am aware of the expert knowledge in the domain of orchestrating business change in large complex global organisations. Linda has achieved real traction and engagement, in particular in multi-cultural, resistive environments, by her ability to communicate in a compelling and incentivising manner. I continue to take every opportunity to fold Linda in to dialogues not only focusing on business change but any topic where leadership and an assertive, advisory communication is needed.


MATTHEW JANKOWSKI – Kahoots Feed and Pet Stores
Regional Sales Manager

Linda is a skillful coach who, with her obvious preparation, insightful questions and great listening skills, helped me pinpoint my greatest challenges in maximizing my efforts to accomplish my business goals. She provided me the tools necessary to set my priorities straight, and was instrumental in helping me put together a step-by-step plan, which allowed me to attack projects and tasks with purpose and effectiveness. I highly recommend her as your next coach!

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