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Who is Neil Thompson?

I’m a guy who likes to think about stuff.

What keeps employees from bolting? What can we do to move past our excuses and make the changes we so desperately want to make? What does it mean to be a “great” public speaker?

I’ve thought about the answers to all these questions and many more. So what gives me the right to answer any of them?

Well…I’ve confronted all of them in my life. I worked in medical devices as a product development engineer and eventually quit. I know why employees leave. I made all kinds of excuses as to why I shouldn’t quit, but I got past them, using a technique I came up with based on my years as an engineer. I’ve received a lot of advice as to how to be a great public speaker. I reject plenty of it.

Who is Neil Thompson?

I am everyman. I am…you.

Categories: Communication, Human Resources, Personal Development
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