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Violet Rainwater is a passionate, connection-based sales strategist with an innate calling to serve women in business. Fueled by seeing women succeed, her ultimate goal is to offer tools and resources that foster women’s personal and business growth and development.

Here’s why. Throughout her 20 years in successful selling, speaking and sales coaching, she’s seen a gap between a woman’s most essential human needs and the resources to address them.

In response, she’s spent over two decades of devoted study and research on the topic. And there’s good news. I’ve developed the proven tools and strategies to close the gap: To help women in business to find freedom from anxiety, achieve their best lives, sell more and, of course, Make It Rain.

From a young age, she knew she wanted to make a positive impact on the world. The only uncertainty was how. A catalyst was immigrating from Russia as a young child. Here in America, she found myself in poverty amongst great wealth. Seeing the stress around that situation made her realize where she was and where she wanted to be. She was at Point A and ready to work hard to reach Point B.

Violet’s Journey to Sales Strategist & Business Coach

Throughout childhood traumas and into her following chapters, she found myself fascinated with people, especially their ability to rise up in even the worst of circumstances. Seeing how they were able to get from Point A to Point B.

Violet was also particularly drawn to women and what appeared to make them successful. She took this habit of studying human behavior to a deeper level at San Francisco State University (SFSU) by majoring in Speech Communication. This was strengthened further throughout her career and when she later achieved my MBA.

Her education continually revealed a massive gap. Yes, Abraham Maslow and other greats had developed a framework for what human needs are, but she saw no guide on how to address those needs – to reach the Point B people were searching for: the path to self-actualization.

She also saw this after entering sales in the financial services industry. Despite having no background in the financial service industry, within 9 months she was the #1 sales person. That was amid 120 reps, many with 15+ years experience. This was fascinating to her. These other financial professionals had the knowledge and experience, yet they weren’t selling at their full potential. There were many other factors at play.

 Her Launch Into Sales Coaching and Speaking

Soon enough, she was hosting corporate sales training and creating sales courses. Because it’s not always about the sale or product itself. If there are other issues one is facing, in life or one’s past, they affect sales and work.

From there, she began speaking at a larger scale on sales skills and goals. She excelled at this role and received great praise, especially from women in business, and was at the top of her career. However, there was a restlessness within Violet.

“I wasn’t content. There was more I had more to offer the world.”

Sure, she:

  • Had my MBA.
  • Had worked for Fortune 500 financial firms.
  • Made more money then she ever imagined.
  • Had invested in expensive business coaches. They’d shared great tactical insights, but something was missing.

Violet still wasn’t reaching the ultimate Point B : Inner peace and self-actualization. Turned out, she was still stuck in her own story, one that held her down. Violet didn’t realize anxiety was eating me up and needed awareness to identify and address it.

It took the next year of tragedies, survival and transformation to figure that out.

 The Year that Transformed Violet and Her Resources for Women in Business

A series of pitfalls and extreme devastation hit Violet’s life like a tidal wave. In what she dubbed “The Year of Bud, Bagels and Breakthroughs”, she had to be knocked down in order to dig deep and emerge from buried traumas. Some of these breakthroughs were related to childhood. Others were because of extreme, overwhelming loss of loved ones in my 20s. I was also a single mom for 5 years, happening after my first marriage (in my early 20s) ended in an amicable divorce.

“The realizations allowed me to realize I’d spent years running on anxiety. And why I was obsessed with perfectionism. It finally put me in a position to truly help other women in business.”

She’d had to use the tools she initially created to “save”  the corporate world to address her own anxiety and stress. These tools were developed over many years, but Violet never truly understood what or why she was creating them – until her year of devastation.

Through purposeful techniques like yoga, breath-work and meditation, Violet discovered the power they could have for, not just her, but so many other women. It’s why she sought to deepen these mental and physical practices by completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training. These are just a few of the proven tools she’s so passionate about sharing with other women in business.

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